Ethics Fingerprint

JUSTAI, a research group trying to “understand and transform the theory and practice of data and AI ethics”, wanted to both create a new network of people who work with AI ethics and visualise the diverse and unique members of the network as they joined. JUSTAI not only sought to build its own group of AI ethics researchers, but also understand the individuals who wanted to join through a lengthy thorough survey.

We created a survey that ends with two immediate takeaways: 1) the “fingerprint”, a visualisation of the data the participant added and 2) “part of a whole”, visualising how their answers relate to the other answers given by all of the participants thus far. Lastly, we made a workshop experience where groups of people who identify as part of the field of AI ethics can come together and find new collaborators.

1. The fingerprint

Inspired by mycelial networks, we mapped the key answers that participants gave onto different paths of a dendrogram. 

2. Part of a whole:

A fan-like visualisation of how the individual’s answers relate to the others who have joined the network thus far.

The workshop:

Together with Alison Powell, we designed a workshop for network members, using the fingerprints as kindling for discussions on cross disciplinary collaboration, ethical biographies, power and margins.

Live link: JUST AI Network Survey

Role: Designer, developer.
Technologies: d3.js